Tamper Evident

Tamper Proof / Evident containers

We supply high quality taper evident containers also known as tamper proof containers. These containers are used to store various products including food & paints in a container that is sealed once the product is added and the seal must be broken to open the container wich can then easily be identified as being opened.

We supply various sizes and styles of tamper evident containers including rectangular and round.

Whether you need small tamper evident containers for your deli or large tamper evident pails for paint or other large quantities of products such as mayonaise for the catering trade we have it here with lids to match.

Tamperproof food containers with lids

*Leakproof, microwave safe and freezer safe

*Tamper-evident tab ensures product security
Strong, robust and shatterproof

*Resealable lid maintains freshness once opened

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