Recycling Policy


It is the policy of CS Robertson (Packaging) Ltd to carry out all measures reasonably practicable to enable the company to meet and exceed, wherever possible all necessary requirements to improve recycling levels. 

CS Robertson (Packaging) Ltd have taken their responsibilities, to improve their recycling levels of materials seriously. Our products are all manufactured from PET or RPET. 

PET is completely recyclable and can be re-processed repeatedly. Where possible we will place a preference on doing business with companies who focus on recyclable solutions.

In a bid to reduce the amount of waste produced, reduce the carbon footprint and subsequently reduce the impact on the environment, CS Robertson (Packaging) Ltd recycle their skeletal waste film from the Thermoforming process by granulating the film down which is then sold back to the film manufacturer for reprocessing. 

CS Robertson (Packaging) Ltd will continue to identify opportunities to prevent waste by recycling and reducing materials throughout operations and purchasing.