Environment and Sustainability

Robertson Manufacturing always practise the three R’s when producing plastic packaging and products.

  • Renew
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

Today the market for eco-friendly and sustainable packaging is being driven by producers, retailers and consumers needs to be socially and environmentally responsible. Eco packaging solutions are being designed using green principals that put less demand on the planets ecosystem and cause less damage to the environment and embrace the following principles.

  • Use products that result in less CO2 emissions
  • Reduce amount of waste filling our landfills
  • Use easily recyclable products
  • Use more recycled packaging components and less virgin products
  • Use less packaging in general
  • Use materials from renewable sources (RPET) 100% recyclable

Today, the available renewable material product range (such as corn and potato starches and sugar cane bagasse) for packaging is limited and currently cannot match the required performance criteria provided by traditional materials utilized for high oxygen barriers and moisture barriers. However, by utilizing better design, better materials and better applications, more eco-friendly packaging alternatives can be achieved.

Product and packaging quality do not have to be compromised in order to deliver environmentally sustainable packaging solutions.

The use of closed loop systems and better-quality recycling can greatly improve the environmental impact that plastic packaging has on the world.

Robertson Manufacturing is very keen to not be part of the problem but part of the solution by using a closed loop system to produce and deal with our waste products. With almost no waste produced from our products we have almost a zero-carbon foot print on our plastic products.